"Shut up."

~for my character’s reaction to yours pushing them against the wall and kissing them.

Admittedly, Alicia had been speaking down about herself, the topic of her past had been brought up and even she sometimes could not help having a somewhat pessimistic way when it came to thinking too much on the matter. She had said things that had made her downcast but sometimes it just couldn’t be helped, always remembering everything about those sorts of events. As it was though Domhnall seemed to decide to take action because in a moment she felt her back against a wall with his body pressed against hers, saying his almost whispered words before his lips were pressed against hers.

At first her eyes widened in surprise, cheeks quickly growing warm and red before she truly took in the situation and a slow breath escaped through her nose and calmed her. After a second of having the tension fall off her shoulders, Alicia took in the feel of the man’s lips against hers and slowly did her best to return what she felt, finding herself wanting the moment to last as long as it could.



Send “Shut up.” for my character’s reaction to yours pushing them against the wall and kissing them.

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Hot Cold And Everything In Between Ch. 7

I tried to do a comic thing :’D


brocks fuckiing eyes ARE YIU SERIYOUS

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✤ Metal Gear?

{IIIII have never played any of the Metal Gear games, a thing for which I feel a bit bad about and plan to hopefully eventually rectify. But yeaaaah, I’d like to do this, but I don’t even know where I’d begin ^~^7}

Headcanon: Alicia can play the organ too, but she doesn't get the chance often to show it to people

{Don’t see why not, organ’s aren’t too much different, only problem would be their rarity in Detrios, though I’m sure Varrin wouldn’t have too much of an issue procuring at least one.}

Send ✤ plus fandom name and I’ll describe an AU version of my muse from that fandom.


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A year ago we stayed up till 3 am talking
And today I don’t know how to even say hey
—Time flies (via doperespect)

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✤ Bionicle

✤~And a fandom and I’ll make an alternate version of my character in that universe.

{Honestly I’ve been sitting here thinking about this for a while now but as I’ve not brushed up on the lore/story of Bionicle in a long time, and technically I’d be making her into a robot of some sort, I just really couldn’t think of something to do for this.}

Send me a headcannon about my character and I’ll either confirm it, or deny it.

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{Just an fyi for everyone, not gonna be here for much of the rest of the night and the weekend, going to be out of town visiting my grandma so until then.}


yeah because apparently only one person even seemed to notice/care i’m just not gonna touch aparacia for a while, only get sad coming over here because i understand how she feels and perhaps this just makes it that much more depressing.

Pro - You're a very, very generous lover. Con - I feel a little guilty that I might not be giving you enough...



"I do not know why you would think that, compared to what I received in the past anything is more than enough."

"Well… I don’t know what you ‘received in the past.’ So, I’ll give you as much as I possibly can."

The demon offered Alicia little more than an awkward shrug and a nervous smile for a few moments. Though he soon came down and wrapped his arms around the woman in a snug hug.

"You deserve more than you let me give you… that’s all I’m saying."

Alicia simply quietly accepted his embrace, not really moving to return it, simply leaning against him a bit. “My point is that I was never loved or treated this way by anyone before, that is why anything is more than enough…” she said quietly and nothing else, just remaining as she was with his arms around her.

Have you ever left your body during intercourse to watch it as an observer in spirit form?


"No, I not only no longer feel all of what my body feels but I also see little point in merely observing when I can be experiencing such a thing. That  and on top of it not being on the forefront of my mind, my body would just be a shell and thus would not be the most…responsive," she explained quietly with mild discomfort on the subject.

Pros: Like a human Realdoll. Cons: Like a human Realdoll.


She didn’t seem to like that very much, “Is that all you see me as? I may be lacking in how I feel emotions but that does not mean I do not feel them entirely nor that I do not lack a will of my own even in such a situation.”