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Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers

{>~< Well I can’t say I’ll pass it on, but thank you if anything. Gotta think of nice things about myself though…what would be considered a nice thing?

  1. I try to view most everything as objectively as I can, see both sides of an argument or why someone would think a certain way they do.
  2. I try not to judge based on your writing capabilities, everyone has to start somewhere and some are just more adept than others.
  3. I like to help people, I like to see them happy, I’ll put aside my own issues I might be having at the time to try and help better someone’s mood how I can though sometimes my mind just draws a blank in certain situations.
  4. Everyone is a human being in my eyes first and you don’t have to worry about being judged based on skin, sexual preference, etc.
  5. I try to remain calm and collected when it comes to arguments, once again going back to the objective standpoint, but if you make it a point to continuously harass me for seemingly no reason I will retaliate.}





So THAT’S what a sloth sounds like

I literally made the Kristen Bell face. I understand now.



No one loves food as much as The Rock does.

Absolutely impossible to pick a favorite



stop that


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Brace yourselves…

Is that fucking GRRM on a sofa with modern cersei, joffrey, jon snow, oberyn, and dany…and death, naturally

Yes. yes it is.

Modern fucking Joffrey tho!

This is hilarious!





  1. Someone deleted a blog
  2. Someone left your fandom
  3. Someone is overwhelmed by their dash
  4. Someone doesn’t appreciate you [GOODBYE AND GOOD LUCK]
  5. Someone needs to take some time away and can’t be tempted by your blog
  6. They don’t like something you love (yes, it’s okay, man! This is why we create the dash we want)
  7. They feel more comfortable keeping a slow dash and stalking others
  8. Tumblr is a dick sometimes

Not reasons you lost a follower:

  1. You suck

Stop worrying. I am not kidding, dudes, stop worrying, stop commenting, know that we all create the dash we want, know that we don’t delete a blog with the hope of having someone feel sad that they are down a follower. Know that it’s better to post what makes YOU happy than what makes others happy.

That insanely popular blog you love too? It loses followers every day.

That underrated oc? It does too. But the people who stay are the ones who matter the most to that one person.

If you value the loss of people who don’t stay over the loyalty of the people who do, you’re missing the point.

I get it. It hurts. But take a step back. Remember why you are here. Think about the people who love you. They are going nowhere.

Alicia stirred where she lay opened her eyes, slowly blinking away the blurriness in her vision. She slowly pushed herself up and supported herself with her arms, looking around and finding herself in a circular room with a small fire in the middle of it, a sword sticking out of the ash pile. It didn't take long for her to get a bit concerned, having never somewhere quite so... grand before on Detrios. "Hello, is anyone there?" she called quietly, not sure what she was expecting.




Alicia’s call was met with a deafening silence. Gwyndolin had indeed heard the woman’s call, as she was aware of all that was spoken or done within the confines of Lord Gwyn’s tomb through strategically placed charms and spell scrolls, but she had decided to simply sit backwards and observe what the woman would do next. This woman was an unusual individual indeed… she did not seem to be in possession of an estus flask or a weapon, and she wandered about the room’s circular interior in a seemingly random pattern, as if she had no idea where she was currently situated.

Odd… The goddess remarked, her focus upon maintaining her vigil over her father’s tomb momentarily disrupted by the woman who had piqued her interest. She considered summoning a Darkmoon to gauge the woman’s combat prowess, but decided against it and wondered if she possessed enough intuition to seek out her seance room.



Alicia hesitated for a second, not entirely certain what to do for a moment before taking a few steps forward to look down the hidden passage to find a set of stairs leading to small rug which seemed meant for worship, the candles around it lighting suddenly as if on their own accord. Again she hesitated, something was certainly…different about this place and in a way it reminded her of some of the shrines where the Anticuus were worshiped back on Detrios. Though that perhaps added to the slight reluctance to move forward.

Still though, there wasn’t really anywhere else for her to go and this was perhaps progress of some sort as to possibly getting some answers from someone…or some thing. Toying with the ring still in her hand for a moment longer, Alicia pocketed in thinking perhaps she could use or return it later. Finally, with a glance back at the odd fire, she began walking down the large flight of stairs, smelling the sweetness of the candles as she approached, looking around and examining details somewhat cautiously.

When she got to the bottom she looked at the rug a moment and stood next to it, not sure what to do as the way was blocked by an oddly very dense smoke or fog of some kind. Lips forming a small frown for a moment she gave another look around before calling, “Hello? Is someone here?” in her soft and quiet voice, though it carried enough to be able to be heard.


"Come no further, human… for what lies behind this gate is the tomb of the great Lord Gwyn. Its hallowed halls shall not be tarnished by the feet of thine kind, in accordance with the final edicts of the Keeper of Kiln. If thou dost seeketh an audience with mineself, the Dark Sun Gwyndolin, then display thine fealty, and kneel before me." The goddess’ voice, magnified and projected with the power of her sorceries, resounded across the relatively empty halls, to ensure that her intentions were not left unheard.

Once again the Wraith hesitated, she didn’t know who this ‘Lord Gwyn’ or ‘Dark Sun Gwyndolin’ was let alone where their voice was coming from or if she wished to sweat fealty to them of all things, but at this point what else could she do? If anything this was the only progress she’d have toward learning where she was and after all what were her other choices at this point?

So with more curiosity of sorts than reluctance, Alicia knelt slowly down on the rug and sat back on her legs, hands resting lightly on her knees as she thought perhaps to let the voice of Gwyndolin simply say what they needed to say. Wait to be allowed to speak from those who were your better lest you complicate things needlessly, or so the rule went on Detrios.


Water of Silver by Shira-bi

{While I’m at it, am I allowed to comment on how cute Yin’s primary outfit is also, I mean look at it:





I mean that little black shoulder-coat is just so perfect with the dress and everything. and the collar and little itty bitty bow too! Just love the gal and wanna hug her and love and give her sweets and tell her it’ll all be okay.


He smiled down at the sleeping wraith, taking a minute to watch over her peaceful form before grabbing the blanket he kept at the end of the bed and pulling it up to her shoulders. He sat down in the chair by his footlocker at the foot of the bed and leaned it against the wall, closing his eyes with a smile as he sat and rested.

Alicia slowly opened her eyes when she felt the covers shift and opened her eyes they stopped moving, glancing her eyes back to see the man walking over to a chair where he seemed content with resting. Was she sleeping in his bed? She must have been perhaps she…perhaps she…she could…much as she wished against it her eyes slowly fluttered shut before closing and letting sleep overtake her again. Perhaps the day had been more draining than she had thought.




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